New upgrade! Funpro heated vest to make this winter no longer cold!

You deserve it

The cold winter is approaching, have you ever worried about keeping warm during outdoor activities? Now, with the newly upgraded Funpro heated vest, you will no longer worry about the cold and can experience the perfect combination of fashion and warmth. Let's explore this trendsetter warmth artifact together, bringing you unprecedented comfort!

1. Multi zone heating, comprehensive care

The Funpro heated vest was fully upgraded in 2023, not only providing neck heating, but also equipped with 8 heating pads, distributed in key positions such as the neck, back, abdomen, shoulders, and waist. This multi zone heating design can provide comprehensive warmth and care for your body, allowing you to feel unparalleled comfort in the cold winter.

8 heating zones with neck heaters

2. Personalized adjustment, temperature control at will

The Funpro heating vest not only considers the heating needs of multiple areas, but is also equipped with three independently controlled switches and three heating levels. This means that you can easily adjust the temperature of each area according to your preferences and needs, creating your own warm style. Whether working indoors or exploring outdoors, you can find the most suitable temperature settings and enjoy thoughtful personalized care.

3 temperature levels

3. Fashionable appearance, easy to navigate

In addition to excellent heating performance, the Funpro heating vest also features an elastic rope design, providing you with a more fashionable appearance. Whether worn alone or paired with other clothing, it can showcase your personality and style. At the same time, elastic ropes also help keep heat by your side, ensuring long-lasting warmth and keeping you warm and confident throughout the cold season.

Fashionable elastic rope design

4. Quality assurance, details demonstrate quality

The Funpro heated vest has also put in a lot of effort in terms of details. Adopting high-quality SBS zippers, ensuring more convenient on and off, and easy and smooth sliding. At the same time, the design of the battery inner bag not only effectively hides the battery, but also provides a more convenient way to carry it, making you more free in outdoor activities.

High quality SBS zipper

Battery inner pocket design