About Us

Welcome to the cozy world of Funpro heating suit, a brand that brings together innovation, technology, and user-friendly design!

Our Story

The story of Funpro heating suits comes from a group of passionate adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. In extremely cold weather, they felt the piercing touch of the cold air, but as a result, they had an idea: why not integrate technology and fashion to create a heating suit that can bring lasting warmth to people? So, Funpro emerged.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve people's lives, so that everyone can stay warm, comfortable, and joyful in cold environments. We firmly believe that comfort should not be limited by the weather, and everyone should be able to explore the outdoor world as they please, regardless of the weather. Therefore, we continuously invest in innovative research and development, committed to designing and manufacturing powerful and exquisite heating clothing products, providing you with an unparalleled warm experience.

Our values

Quality First

We have never compromised on quality. Every Funpro heating suit is a crystallization of carefully selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring that they can stably provide warmth in various environments.You can confidently purchase and use it.

Customer care

Your satisfaction is our greatest honor. We are committed to providing you with an excellent customer experience, not only striving for excellence in product performance, but also maintaining attention and care in every aspect of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales.

Products and Innovation

Funpro heating suits represent a perfect fusion of technology and fashion.Our product range is diverse and extensive, and it also incorporates intelligent heating technology. Through precise temperature control and user-friendly design, we create a personalized and warm atmosphere for you.

Social responsibility

Our concern for the environment is as strong as our pursuit of quality. We actively adopt environmentally friendly materials and sustainable processes, committed to reducing the impact on the environment and creating a better world for the next generation.

Contact Us

Whether you want to learn more about Funpro heating suits or need support during use, our customer service team is willing to assist you. You can contact us through various channels, including email, phone, and online chat.

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