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Why do others run more and more easily in the morning, and I get more and more tired?

by funpro 28 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Morning running

I heard others say that morning running releases endorphins, making it easier as I run. I tried it out, but it got more tiring as I ran. So I consulted my friends around me about the reasons, which are probably the following.

1. Long running time

Running in the morning is actually not suitable for long periods of time. Long runs can consume a lot of energy and energy, leading to fatigue when we go to work. Moderate morning running can awaken our energy and make us feel energetic throughout the day.

2. Excessive pursuit of speed

Speeding too fast can also cause our heart rate to rise rapidly, and a fast heart rate indicates that it is considered a high-intensity exercise.

In the morning, our various organs in the body have not yet fully "awakened", and high-intensity training will forcibly awaken them, which will increase our sense of fatigue.

3. Do not stretch before running

Don't stretch before running, warm up. Stretching is a static muscle stretching, while running requires dynamic stretching, which means warm-up. Therefore, before running in the morning, you can take a slow walk as a warm-up.

4. No running breaks arranged

If you run every morning, you will definitely feel tired. You need to rest at least one day a week, and only reasonable training can allow your body to exercise.

5. Not resting well

To achieve good morning running results, it is necessary to rest well the day before. Only by ensuring sufficient sleep can one have a mental state to go for morning running, and after running, one will also feel refreshed.

If you have tried all these methods and still feel very tired, it may be because you haven't been exercising for too long and your body needs a certain recovery period. During this recovery period, I suggest everyone to take a brisk walk in the morning and wait for their physical function to recover to a certain extent before engaging in an appropriate amount of morning running. In addition, the winter is already getting cold. I think you can wear a FUNPRO heated vest, which is lightweight and self heating. It is very suitable for morning walks and brisk walks, so you won't feel cold or heavy.

funpro heated vest

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