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The Warm Winter of FUNPRO Heated vest

by funpro 19 Sep 2023 0 Comments

funpro heated vest

Oh my goodness! The society these days is zooming forward super fast, and along with this speediness, the ways to keep warm are also evolving like crazy! There's this thing called carbon fiber/metal fiber composite heating element that's now being used in clothes. It turns keeping warm from a passive thing into an active mission, and it's all about safe heating and efficient warmth. Electrically heated clothes are now the coolest choice, no doubt about it.Next, let's use Funpro heating vest as an example to illustrate

Characteristics of electrically heated clothes:

1.Heating in multiple zones, keeping us warm and toasty proactively. Inside these electrically heated clothes, there are 8 little heating patches sprinkled on the front chest, tummy, waist, and back of the clothes, making sure the warmth is spread out evenly. The safety and flexibility of these carbon fiber heating patches make them perfect for being in contact with our bodies, giving us this amazing comfort. No worries about uneven heating; these heating patches have passed the tests, guaranteeing uniform and safe heating. Electrically heated clothes rely on batteries to power up and can last for several hours, making them just perfect for outdoor activities like military gear, hiking outfits, ski wear, freezer-warmers, and fishing boat clothes, and stuff like that.

Multi zone heating

2.Smart temperature control, you can adjust as you like! The heating patches in electrically heated clothes are made of carbon fiber heating thread or metal fiber composite thread, they're thin, soft, and flexible, embedded into the clothes, keeping the clothes light, breathable, soft, and comfy. Electrically heated clothes come with a portable power source, and one pocket has a USB cord. Plug in the battery, hit the switch, and the heating patches start warming up, and your body instantly feels the warmth. These electrically heated clothes have three temperature levels, high, medium, and low, ranging approximately from 45°C to 65°C, so you can adjust as per your liking.

Intelligent temperature control

3.Safe to use, and you can wash them too! The heating technology in electrically heated clothes is mature and safe. They're designed with temperature control and protection devices, ensuring safety and reliability during the heating process. You can wash electrically heated clothes multiple times without worrying that the heating patches won't work, so go ahead and toss them into the washing machine. But before you do, take out the batteries and use a laundry bag to protect them.

Use safety

The role of electrically heated clothes:

In the cold winter, to stay warm, we often have to put on bulky and heavy clothes, but that can limit our movements and make outdoor activities a hassle. But hey, that's where electrically heated clothes come in, the ultimate choice for staying warm in winter. They can adjust the temperature freely according to the environment, adapting to extremely cold climates, keeping us warm without making us look like walking snowmen, allowing our bodies to stay flexible. With their lightweight design, they provide excellent warmth, making winter dressing more carefree and stylish.

In the chilly winter, when we want to enjoy outdoor activities with family, friends, and loved ones, the cold is often a barrier. However, electrically heated clothes become your best choice to brave the freezing weather. Get an electrically heated jacket for your family, loved ones, and friends, and enjoy the beauty of winter together while staying warm and fashionable!
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