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What to know about October's ‘Hunter's Moon' ?

by funpro 28 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Hunter's Moon

October's "Hunter's Moon" is one of three full moons left for 2023 .

The next full moon for 2023, nicknamed the "Hunter's Moon," will rise Oct. 28, Chicago's Adler Planetarium said.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the "Hunter's Moon" always follow's the autumnal equinox "Harvest Moon."

"The Harvest Moon is the full Moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox date (September 23, 2023)," the site said. "This means that either September or October’s full Moon may take on the name “Harvest Moon” instead of its traditional name. Similarly, the Hunter’s Moon is the first full Moon to follow the Harvest Moon, meaning it can occur in either October or November."

According to the Almanac, the name "Hunter's Moon" is believed to have originated in the 1700s, when hunters would prepare for the winter months by going hunting. It's also the time that animals would begin to "fatten up" ahead of the cold season, Almanac said.

The Hunter's Moon is expected to be visible Oct. 27, with peak visibility Oct. 28 at 3:54 p.m. CT, the site added.

There have been many mysterious legends about the moon since ancient times, such as the moon goddess Artemis in ancient Greek mythology, or the stories of werewolves and vampires... These legends give the cold moon a mysterious color , sometimes it often makes people daydream.

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