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can heated vest go on airplane?Funpro will tell you the answer

by funpro 13 Sep 2023 0 Comments


As winter approaches, people begin to search for various ways to keep warm, especially in the cold cabin of airplanes. Heating suits have always been one of the ideal choices to solve this problem. However, for electronic products like this, you may be curious whether they can be flown.

The answer is yes, the heated vest can take a plane and is an ideal travel companion. This is because it uses portable batteries for power supply, without the need for an external power source, so there is no need to worry about safety or airline regulations. You can enjoy comfortable heating anytime during flight without worrying about the cold cabin.

In addition, the design of the Funpro heated vest is very lightweight and will not increase the weight of your luggage or occupy too much space, making it very suitable for flying.

Our Funpro heated vest also has the following advantages:

1. Multifunctional heating pad

The Funpro heated vest is equipped with 8 heating pads distributed throughout the abdomen, neck, back, shoulders, and waist, covering multiple parts of the body to ensure your overall warmth.

funpro heated vest

2. Personalized temperature control

This product has three independent switches that can independently control heating in different areas, as well as three adjustable heat levels. This allows you to customize your heating experience according to your needs and preferences, improving comfort.

funpro heated vest

3. Windproof composite design

The Funpro heated vest not only provides excellent insulation performance, but also has a fashionable appearance design, ensuring that you feel both warm and fashionable when wearing it.

funpro heated vest

4. Lighting on/off design.

Even when the lights are turned off, the Funpro heating vest can continue to provide heating function. This means that you can enjoy continuous warmth during flight without being disturbed by lights.

funpro heated vest

5. SBS High Quality Zipper

The heated vest adopts SBS high-quality zipper to ensure smooth on and off without worrying about getting stuck or damaged.


6. Battery inner bag design

The design of the battery inner pocket ensures that the battery is securely placed inside the vest, without causing inconvenience or discomfort.


In summary, the Funpro heated vest, with its unique characteristics and comfort, is the perfect travel companion, whether you are spending long flights on an airplane or exploring cold destinations. Don't worry about flying, the Funpro heated vest will provide you with a warm and comfortable travel experience.

If you are looking for a high-quality heated clothing, the Funpro heated vest is definitely worth considering. Its multifunctional features and excellent design will ensure that you can enjoy warmth and comfort in any situation. Now, you can stay warm during flight without worrying about cold weather. Choose Funpro to make your trip more enjoyable!

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