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Do heated vest keep you warm?

by funpro 12 Sep 2023 0 commentaires

In the innovative field of winter equipment, battery powered clothing such as heated vests is changing our cold lifestyle in an astonishing way. These items bring you extra warmth and comfort, and even allow you to customize the temperature and feel the heat in your location. Today, we will introduce the FUNPRO heating vest, which uses advanced heating technology to provide you with long-lasting warmth while also meeting your needs in different environments and seasons.

funpro heated vest

1. Continuous power supply from mobile power supply

The FUNPRO heating vest uses a mobile power supply to provide you with continuous power supply throughout the day. This means you don't have to worry about running out of battery and can enjoy warmth throughout the cold season. Whether you are outdoors or in daily life, the FUNPRO heated vest will continue to provide you with the comfort you need.

funpro heated vest

2. Advanced heating technology

The FUNPRO heating vest uses 5 high-quality carbon nanofiber heating elements, breaking the traditional 8-zone heating design. This means that warmth is evenly distributed on your back, abdomen, waist, shoulders, and neck, providing you with long-lasting and consistent warmth. No longer afraid of cold winds and low temperatures, as FUNPRO can provide you with the temperature you need.

funpro heated vest

3. Independent temperature control system

The FUNPRO heating vest is equipped with a 5-in-1 intelligent controller, allowing you to enjoy three independent heating zone switches and three heating levels. The central button controls three heating levels with one click, and long press can control the switch of the heating jacket. This means that you can customize your comfort by controlling three different heating zones and different heating levels simultaneously or separately according to your own needs.

funpro heated vest

4.Off light design

The intelligent controller of FUNPRO heating vest has a specially designed light button, so you can choose to turn on or off the light at any time even when the heating vest is running, ensuring your comfort and keeping a low profile. This also makes it an excellent gift choice for family, friends, and loved ones during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

funpro heated vest

5.Three heating zones

The FUNPRO heated vest has three independent heating zones: abdomen, shoulder and neck, waist, and back. With simple button operation, you can adjust the heating level in different areas to ensure that all parts of your body receive the required warmth.

In short, heated vests are no longer just equipment for the cold winter, they have become a multifunctional clothing that can provide warmth and comfort in various situations. The FUNPRO heating vest, with its advanced heating technology, independent temperature control system, off light design, and full day power supply function, provides you with an excellent heating clothing that keeps you warm and fashionable during cold seasons. Whether it's outdoor activities or daily wear, this heated vest can meet your needs, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable experience.

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